Sunday, January 16, 2011


Today was a hard day.

I remember being in high school and floating from group to group. I never really settled with any group and I didn't really care. I thought that if I ever found a place with good friends, I would feel accepted and never have to worry about friends again. I always had good friends within my home ward, but nothing that I felt would last my lifetime. I would constantly hear my mom talk about her college friends and how they were still good friends; I wanted that. My mom would say that one day I would find that friend and never look back.

(I know what your all thinking, this is not a post about a significant other. This is me rambling about finding a friend that I was so close with, she would become like the sister I never had.)

While entering into my major, I had many reservations. Everyone knows the stereotypes that follow PE teachers. It took a lot for me to finally realize that this was the major for me, and I was in the right place, and that stereotypes shouldn't deter me from what I love. From day one in the major I felt accepted. I had found my group of friends that accepted me for me, and had the same interests. Through this group I found my best friend. The friend I had waited all through high school and most of college to find.

Allison is the youngest in her family, and has 3 older sisters. Something I would never understand having. We both are the youngest and spoiled children of our families. Allison is, like me, the only member of her family not married. The best part about our friendship is the fact that we both are home bodies. We both have separation anxiety to the point that neither had sleepovers when we were younger. This made for an interesting situation when we roomed together. I soon realized that just like me, she had to be home every weekend to get her mommy fix. We learned to really lean on each other throughout the year together, and I learned what it would be like to have a sister. We both became ingrained in each others lives, and became one with each other's families.

So why was today so hard? Allison, last October, made the decision to go on a mission. She was able to complete all the paper work and get her call within a month. Far to quickly for my liking. Today was her mission farewell. She will be leaving on Wednesday to enter the MTC and go to the Sacramento, CA spanish speaking mission. I never thought it would be this hard to loose my best friend for 18 months. I know she is going where she is supposed to be, and I also know that there are people there waiting to hear about the gospel from her, but it is hard to let her go. It will be interesting to see the different paths our lives take during the next 18 months. Who knows where I will be teaching, or if I will even be in the state anymore. I do know that no matter what happens to us, we will always remain good friends, because I found that one good friend that never exits your life

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