Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Life Lesson

I originally started this blog to document different things. It started with the purpose of talking about my training and what event I was going to compete in next, then it moved to things I was going to do to get into Med. School. If you haven't guessed by now, training and Med school are both on the back burner. I am still trying to figure out where I want to go with my life now that I am finished with school.

Now I'm ready to admit that there are other things happening in my life that make me ponder on my beliefs. I have learned many life lessons this past year. I realized that "The World is My Pavement" doesn't need to focus on my training, but the lessons that I have learned through being on the pavement. Everything in life has a purpose and moves us in a direction, whether for good or bad I'm not always sure. This will turn into a place where I can share these moments with people, or someday with my posterity. As trials are placed in our path we can choose to keep "running," or let the trial overtake us and force us to never finish.

I know this is brief and random, but know that I am still aware of this blog, and am looking to document things here in the near future.

Sunday, January 16, 2011


Today was a hard day.

I remember being in high school and floating from group to group. I never really settled with any group and I didn't really care. I thought that if I ever found a place with good friends, I would feel accepted and never have to worry about friends again. I always had good friends within my home ward, but nothing that I felt would last my lifetime. I would constantly hear my mom talk about her college friends and how they were still good friends; I wanted that. My mom would say that one day I would find that friend and never look back.

(I know what your all thinking, this is not a post about a significant other. This is me rambling about finding a friend that I was so close with, she would become like the sister I never had.)

While entering into my major, I had many reservations. Everyone knows the stereotypes that follow PE teachers. It took a lot for me to finally realize that this was the major for me, and I was in the right place, and that stereotypes shouldn't deter me from what I love. From day one in the major I felt accepted. I had found my group of friends that accepted me for me, and had the same interests. Through this group I found my best friend. The friend I had waited all through high school and most of college to find.

Allison is the youngest in her family, and has 3 older sisters. Something I would never understand having. We both are the youngest and spoiled children of our families. Allison is, like me, the only member of her family not married. The best part about our friendship is the fact that we both are home bodies. We both have separation anxiety to the point that neither had sleepovers when we were younger. This made for an interesting situation when we roomed together. I soon realized that just like me, she had to be home every weekend to get her mommy fix. We learned to really lean on each other throughout the year together, and I learned what it would be like to have a sister. We both became ingrained in each others lives, and became one with each other's families.

So why was today so hard? Allison, last October, made the decision to go on a mission. She was able to complete all the paper work and get her call within a month. Far to quickly for my liking. Today was her mission farewell. She will be leaving on Wednesday to enter the MTC and go to the Sacramento, CA spanish speaking mission. I never thought it would be this hard to loose my best friend for 18 months. I know she is going where she is supposed to be, and I also know that there are people there waiting to hear about the gospel from her, but it is hard to let her go. It will be interesting to see the different paths our lives take during the next 18 months. Who knows where I will be teaching, or if I will even be in the state anymore. I do know that no matter what happens to us, we will always remain good friends, because I found that one good friend that never exits your life

Thursday, October 7, 2010


Today was a crazy day.

I had a Physical Therapy appointment to see if they could figure out what was happening with my feet, and the cause of all my stress fractures I have been getting. I basically thought that the appointment would be pointless, and that I would just be paying mega bucks for some orthodics in the end anyway. I showed up not really knowing what to expect. I told the physical therapist what I had been experiencing and hoped that she would just push for the orthodics right off the bat.

No such luck.

Instead I got put through tons of tests and to my amazement found out that I walk incorrectly, and need to be retrained to use my entire foot. I was put through tons of exercises and started to realize that they just might help. I was excited and hopeful for the first time in 2 months. I feel like these exercises are going to make a difference, and that I will be able to run without pain again. The best part about today though, was when I was leaving the PT asked me where I was working. I explained to her that because of the new medicare guidelines I got laid off because they couldn't use aids anymore. She asked me if I was looking for a job because they had an opening for one more aide. I immediately jumped at the idea, and got an application. I am hoping to get it back to them by tomorrow, and will let you know if it really works out.

I think the most amazing thing about today is the fact that things happen in life for a reason, and that I wouldn't be working towards the things that I am without a little bit of adversity in the beginning. This experience has really shown me that the lord has his own plan for us, and that we only need to be open and ready to receive what he has set out for us. I am still learning that things might not happen when or exactly how we want them to, but the lord knows us and what is best. If we just have patience things will happen as there supposed to.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

I'm Back...

I thought that I would try the world of blogging again. I feel I have a lot in life to be grateful for, and need to start writing these things down. I am also at a crazy time in life, I graduate in April and yet have decided to go on and finish some pre-reqs. for medical school. I feel like this blog will become a place where I can express my feelings on trying to get into Med. school and the challenges and struggles that come up along the way.